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RULES (read before anything!)

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RULES (read before anything!) Empty RULES (read before anything!)

Post by Addison Sophia Charles Fri Jul 01, 2011 7:29 pm

Hi, I'm one of your Administrators or Admins

Basically, this little gem of a website is the ongoing product of mine, Kasi's, and Kendall's blood, sweat, and tireless hours online.

Here's some Rules to make sure you don't get yourself into much trouble...

1. We Love Detailed Characters.
~No one likes a boring person. Add detail! Instead of "They have blue eyes." Spice it up a little, say something like "Her eyes are the blue-green of the clear ocean you see on postcards."

2. Be Awesome To Each Other!
~Cyber-bullying is bullying. I don't want to hear ANYONE talk shit to or about anyone. I want you all to respect each other's opinions, similarities, thoughts, and differences.

3. Everyone Is Equal (Except For Staff).
~There is no "Elitism" here. I don't give a flying fuck how long you've been a member, or if you know an Admin in real life!

4. We Role Play (RP) In Story Form.
~This means that you use descriptors, First Person Point Of View, and no *typing like this to describe actions*.

5. Don't Have Sex. You Will Get Pregnant, And You Will Die.
~This ain't a porn site.

6. Punctuation Is Your Friend!
~$0 d0nT t@lK lYyYyk dI$ 0R 1 w1LL k1lL u!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!one!!!!!!1 (=

7. Follow The Story-Line!
~On December 31, 2006, Emergency teams received an influx of 911 calls reporting murders and kidnappings in the seemingly dull city of Blaketown.
These crimes were never investigated.
An estimate of at least 100 children were kidnapped, entire families disappeared.
What happened to the kids?
They were taken, by the government, from their homes. The government had managed to track down the children's parents, all of which were considered "threats" to the government.
The children spent five hours in a government building that is thought to be somewhere in the forest, near the Asylum.
They were then all separated- even siblings- and given to trusted families.
It is now the summer of 2016. Things will happen, and people will find each other.
Nothing is sacred here.

Addison Sophia Charles
Addison Sophia Charles

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